Morris Talent



Retainer Model:


MP Placements charges $5,000.00 upfront per technical position that we're recruiting for and $10,000.00 per hire 30 days after the candidate has started. On average this will equal out to 10% of the candidate's annual salary. Our retainer model typically saves companies on average $10,000.00 per hire.


* In the event the candidate quits or is terminated for reasons of performance or cultural fit within 3 months, MP Placements will find a replacement at no extra charge. 

* for interviewing candidates with paired programming with our technical advisors or for coding challenges submitted and reviewed + career brochure designing it is an extra $500 and we will only offer this if we're retained. 


Contingency Model: 


MP Placements charges a 20% placement fee for every candidate placed that was not on retainer that is due 30 days after the candidate has started per the offer letter. 


* Since MP Placements will work endlessly to fill any contract we sign, companies are getting another recruiter who would work just as hard as their internal recruiter for no money upfront.  In this event, companies are not spending any money upfront for our time and dedication to filling their openings, promotion of their brand, or for the high quality candidates that we bring into their network. The 30 day wait on placement fee is the probationary period for all contingency placements MP Placements takes on. 





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