Morris Talent



What makes a great software engineer?

We truly believe that the best engineers spend more time thinking about how to solve a problem then coding the solution to the problem. That's because the best engineers already know how to code. They're hired for their ability to think. 

We came up with a small list for what we think makes a great engineer:

  • Someone who is highly detail-oriented
  • Someone who understands performance, but also has a strong emphasis on code maintainability
  • Someone who has strong fundamentals in both programming and computer science subjects
  • Someone who is a great communicator and can communicate complex technical requirements
  • Someone who uses open-source and modern tooling to save on resources
  • Someone who looks for ways to multiply impact, including mentoring and growing other engineers
  • Someone who has informed opinions but is also open to new ideas, technologies, and concepts
  •  Someone who understands product and business problems, and can prioritize well